Brick Furnace Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Brick Furnace Mod 1.18.1 / 1.17.1 / 1.16.5 / 1.15.2 / 1.14.4 is a particularly useful mod with the performance involved in identifying it to add 3 new types of kilns produced from bricks. After all, these new types of ovens also offer you better combustion capacities than the typical varieties. In case you are curious about this mod, get it and export it today.

brick furnace mod - Brick Furnace Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

About Brick Furnace Mod

As you all know, most bakery varieties in Minecraft were produced from Cobblestones and are never great for burning. However, with the fabric change from Cobblestone to Brick, you will have a much superior experience when using this mod.

brick furnace mod 2 - Brick Furnace Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

In fact, this mod will feature 3 different types of oven produced from brick, which is the normal oven, blast furnace and smoker so you can figure it out freely. After all, each type could have a different formulation and combustion ability as follows:

  • Brick kiln: produced from 8 bricks, capable of burning all objects.
  • Brick kiln: made from 5 iron ingots, 3 bricks and 1 brick kiln. This type of furnace is capable of burning objects such as ore blocks, instruments, armor at twice the normal rate and saves much more time.
  • Brick smoker: Made from 4 acacia logs and a brick kiln with the particular ability to burn food items at twice the normal rate.

brick furnace mod 3 - Brick Furnace Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Clearly, this mod will actually have a constructive effect on the rate of combustion, as it primarily creates much less lag and makes use of the FastFurnace mod mechanism. Also, a very fascinating feature of this mod is that it also allows you to burn Clay directly into a brick in the fire.

brick furnace mod 4 - Brick Furnace Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Now, please remember to put Minecraft Forge before you decide to make use of this mod. Brick Oven mod definitely doesn’t bother you when using. Download it and check it out today! Good luck!

Installation of brick kiln mods

  1. Download and install the Forge API
  2. Download Brick oven Mod (selected versions below)
  3. Place the downloaded mod in the folder ./minecraft/mods/

Brick Furnace mods download links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.18.1 + 1.17.1 + 1.16.5 + 1.15.2 + 1.14.4

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