Fabric MC 1.16.3 | 1.16.2 | 1.16.1 | 1.15.2 New Generation Modloader

Fabric MC Modloader 1.16.3 | 1.16.2 | 1.16.1 | 1.15.2 is the main modem and main library acting as an alternative to Forge. With Fabric MC, modification creators can easily create them.

Fabric MC – Advantages

Unlike Forge, Fabric is available much faster for the newest game releases, it also supports every latest snapshot and other development versions. Fabric mods work much smoother than similar and alternative solutions based on Forge ModLoader. Below are some of the key features for a fabric modloader:

  • API in Fabric is light and modular, which makes mod porting faster and simplified,
  • Starting the game, even with a dozen or so mods, takes much less time than for Forge,
  • Supports snapshot releases, thanks to which mod developers can already plan their further development at the stage of version development,
  • Tool sets for Fabric MC are available to everyone,
  • Provides countless interference options thanks to many components, libraries and other tools for fashion designers.

fabric mc modloader - Fabric MC 1.16.3 | 1.16.2 | 1.16.1 | 1.15.2 New Generation Modloader

Fabric MC – Installation

If you want to install the new version of Fabric MC remember to run the game on this version at least once. e.g. clean version 1.15.2

Below you will find a step-by-step description on how to install Fabric Modloader.

  1. You go to the Fabric MC website: (links can be found at the end in the Installer section).
  2. On this page we select the “Vanilla” version and click “Download installer EXE“.
  3. After downloading the installer, launch it.
  4. In the installer window choose the version we are interested in and click “Install”.
  5. After installation, launch the Minecraft Launcher.
  6. By default, a new, installed fabric-loader- [minecraft-version] profile will be selected.
  7. Click the “Play / Play” button
  8. Install the Fabric API mod
  9. From now on you can search the internet for mods operating under Fabric.
  10. Below is a guide on how to install Fabric MC mods.

Fabric MC – How to install mods

How to install mods in Fabric MC 1.16.3 | 1.16.2 | 1.16.1 | 1.15.2

Installing mods in Fabric MC is very simple and similar to the one used for Forge modloader. After installing Fabric, most modifications under Fabric are added in the same way.

Installation of mods under Fabric step by step

  1. Download and install the Fabric MC modloader (above you have the link to the guide).
  2. Run the game with the Fabric profile once.
  3. Turn off the game and download the modification -> Fabric API.
    (this is an additional library required by most Fabric mods).
  4. Download an additional mod – Mod Menu
    (not required but we recommend you to upload it first after API)
  5. Open the folder with the .minecraft/mods game
    (click Start and enter% appdata%, you’ll find this folder there).
  6. Place the Fabric API modifications in the mods folder.
  7. Put in the mods folder, any other modification you download
    (remember that mods should be for the given version of the game, in the Fabric edition).
  8. Run the game and test the mods, if one crashes the game, delete it or look for the appropriate version.

ATTENTION. A good addition, at the beginning is the installation of several basic mods:

Fabric MC 1.16.3 | 1.16.2 | 1.16.1 | 1.15.2 | 1.14.4 modloader – Installer

ModLoader Fabric MC – DOWNLOAD (all versions)

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